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A Guide To The 3 Villages: Balzan, Attard & Lija

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Known in Malta as ‘The Three Villages’ due to their close proximity to each other, Balzan, Attard, and Lija are charming villages in the centre of the island  – each boasting their own unique character and allure. These idyllic locales are steeped in history and offer the ideal residential locations. Join us as we embark on a journey through these enchanting villages, exploring their beauty and highlighting five remarkable properties from Oyster Christie’s International Real Estate.


Despite its small size, Balzan boasts a captivating history dating back to the 14th century. Named after Maximillian Balzan, a Spanish merchant who settled in Malta and imported orange trees from Granada, Spain. The influence of the Knights of the Order of St John is evident in Balzan’s splendid residences, constructed as homes for visiting nobility. Hosting annual festas, the community revolves around the magnificent Balzan Parish Church. In the 17th and 18th centuries, affluent noble families established large houses in the older part of the village, preserving Balzan’s quintessential Maltese character with narrow winding streets and blind alleys showcasing vernacular architecture.

Balzan – Townhouse (Ref: 6766)

Exclusive to Oyster Christie’s International Real Estate: Steeped in centuries-old Maltese history, this remarkable Townhouse boasts lush gardens, swimming pool, outhouse with showers, changing rooms, gym, sauna, and a garden room. Offering the perfect blend of luxury and tranquillity within the peaceful village of Balzan.

Balzan – House of Character (Ref: 6998)

A charming 3 bedroom House of Character unveils a delightful garden within. Offering gorgeous citrus trees and original architectural features throughout the property. Meticulously preserved, this residence offers a unique living experience where every corner tells a story of Malta’s rich heritage.

Balzan – House of Character (Ref: 6765)

Exclusive to Oyster Christie’s International Real Estate: boasting five bedrooms, a formal lounge, dining room, a gym and sauna, this property captures the essence of Maltese heritage with its charming features whilst offering the very best of modern luxuries. Indulge in the enchanting lifestyle that this Balzan residence offers, where history meets luxury.


Formerly the smallest of three villages, Attard has evolved into the largest, witnessing substantial development in recent decades. Despite this expansion, the village’s historic core preserves its unique character. Established as a parish in 1575, Attard showcases an impressive parish church, designed in 1613 by renowned Maltese architect Tumas Dingli. Notable residences such as San Anton Palace (1623) and Villa Bologna (1745), renowned for its extensive private garden, contribute to Attard’s charm. Home to the majestic San Anton Palace, the official residence of Malta’s President, and the expansive public gardens known as San Anton Gardens, Attard offers proximity to a wonderful array of Maltese historical locations to explore.

Attard – A Villa Retreat (Ref: 6924)

Uncover contemporary luxury in Attard with this stunning Villa for Sale. Boasting spacious interiors and lush outdoor area with swimming pool, this property offers a true retreat within the heart of Malta. With modern amenities and a thoughtful design, this villa in Attard is a testament to the perfect fusion of style and comfort.


Lija, celebrated for its tranquil ambiance, enchants with winding streets, ancient houses, and spacious villas. Attaining parish status in 1594, Lija boasts a baroque parish church and Villa Preziosi, the Prime Minister’s residence, renowned for its 18th-century architecture and landscaped gardens. The striking Lija Tower, once part of the 17th-century Villa Gourgion Depiro’s garden, adds allure. Real estate in this area is highly sought after, offering character properties with mature gardens and historical architecture. Lija maintains its charm, featuring traditional wooden balconies and intricate stonework, with properties often showcasing private gardens and orchards adorned with citrus trees.

Lija – Townhouse (Ref: 6981)

Discover sophistication from this spectacular Lija Townhouse for sale. Offering 3 bedrooms, 1 car garage, rooftop terrace, courtyard, jacuzzi, home gym and wine cellar, immerse yourself in the elegance of this meticulously designed property, where traditional architecture meets contemporary living. The property’s strategic location in Lija ensures easy access to local amenities while providing a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life.


Whether you are drawn to the historical charm of Balzan, the classic allure of Lija, or the luxurious retreat in Attard, Oyster Christie’s International Real Estate invites you to explore these remarkable properties that define the essence of living in The Three Villages.

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