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Luxury real estate on our island has evolved – with urbanization on the uprise, luxury penthouses in the urban centres have become increasingly popular. The allure of living in a penthouse in Malta comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of living in a penthouse in Malta.

Pros of Living in a Penthouse in Malta:

1. Breathtaking Views:

One of the most obvious and appealing perks of living in a penthouse is the panoramic views it offers. Malta is known for its picturesque landscapes, including its historic cities, sparkling sea and stunning sunsets. From the vantage point of a penthouse, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the surrounding beauty, creating a truly awe-inspiring living experience.

2. Spacious Living:

Penthouses in Malta are typically known for their generous living spaces. With larger floor areas compared to regular apartments, penthouses provide ample room for entertaining, hosting cocktail parties, or even creating your own rooftop oasis. The additional outdoor space, such as rooftop terraces or alfresco dining areas, can be a haven for relaxation and entertainment, perfect for enjoying Malta’s warm climate.


3. Privacy and Exclusivity:

Living in a penthouse, at the top of a high-rise building, provides a sense of privacy and exclusivity. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, penthouses offer a serene retreat from the daily noise and distractions, creating a peaceful and private environment.

4. Investment Opportunities:

Penthouses in Malta can be a wise investment choice as they are considered prime real estate. Penthouses tend to hold their value well and are less impacted by market volatility compared to regular apartments. The scarcity and exclusivity of penthouses also make them highly desirable.


5. Prime Locations:

Penthouses in Malta are often located in urban centres, offering convenient access to amenities, entertainment options, and cultural attractions. Living in a Penthouse allows you to be at the heart of the action, with easy access to restaurants, shopping and other urban conveniences.

Cons of Living in a Penthouse in Malta:

  1. Don’t Look Down!: If you’re afraid of heights, a Penthouse may not be for you. Being at the top of a high-rise building can cause vertigo or discomfort for those who are sensitive to heights.
  2. Weather Warning: Penthouses in Malta often feature floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize the views, which can make the interiors susceptible to external weather conditions. During the hot summer months, the intense sun can heat up the interiors, so make sure you have proper air conditioning to maintain a cool living environment.
  3. Maintenance and Costs: Penthouses are considered luxury properties and they often come with higher maintenance costs and associated expenses.

The only way is UP!

Penthouses still reign supreme for their far-reaching views, expansive layouts and above all, privacy. Here is our list of spectacular penthouses on the market in Malta:

St Julian’s Waterfront Penthouse: https://oystermalta.com/property/st-julians-penthouse-for-sale/006452/

Sky-High Opulence: https://oystermalta.com/property/gzira-penthouse-for-sale/005954/

Sea and Countryside Vistas: https://oystermalta.com/property/xemxija-penthouse-for-sale/006425/

Urban Living: https://oystermalta.com/property/sliema-penthouse-for-sale/006313/



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