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    Malta Individual Investor Programme

    The Malta Individual Investor programme (IIP) was introduced to facilitate Maltese citizenship through an investment program with the intention of attracting high net worth individuals with substantial capital. In turn, successful applicants willing to invest in Malta are granted access to all the benefits available within all 28 EU countries.

    Why Apply?

    Malta’s thriving economy and multilingual population together with an excellent climate, lifestyle, safety, education and health care services has attracted an influx of high net worth foreign investors and entrepreneurs. This has contributed to the IIP where citizenship is a lifetime investment and may be passed on to future generations.

    Maltese citizenship enjoys tax benefits which may include; tax exemption from the sale of a property after the mandatory 5-year period expires, only being taxed on income sourced from Malta, and the elimination of the following taxes: inheritance or death, estate duty, net worth or wealth, municipal or real estate taxes.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility for Maltese citizenship under the IIP involves strict due diligence where all applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

    • Applicants must contribute €650,000 to the Maltese National Development Funds.
    • Applicants must purchase property in Malta of a minimum value of €350,000 or lease property for a minimum value of €16,000 per annum,
    • Applicants must invest €150,000 in Government Bonds/ securities on the Malta Stock Exchange which must be held by the main applicant for a minimum period of 5 years.
    • Applicant Contribution to national development and social fund include an additional fee of  €25,000 each for a spouse and children under 18 and €50,000 for unmarried children between 18 and 26 or for dependent parents and grandparents over 55.
    • Applicants must satisfy a 12-month residence requirement in Malta prior to naturalisation.

    All applications undergo strict due diligence to ensure that all applicants are of good repute and have clean police conduct. The fees applied during the due diligence process include a passport fee of € 500 together with bank charges of € 200 for each application, due Diligence Fees of € 7,500 for the main applicant, € 5,000 for a spouse, unmarried children between 18 and 26, or dependent parents and grandparents over 55 and € 3,000 for children under 18 years of age.

    Once applications are accepted, individuals and their families will successfully receive a Maltese citizenship together with all the privileges that comes with it.

    Apply now

    Applications for the IIP may only be made through highly experienced agents to ensure that each application is presented at the highest possible standard.

    At Oyster, we help our clients every step of the way by connecting them with the right agents to ensure that all criteria are satisfied.

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